A Music Museum for Berlin

We want to establish a museum that deals with the musical life of our city in history and presence. 

The museum is supposed to:
  • appeal to a broad spectrum of the local population, and at the same time form a tourist attraction
  • break new grounds in the presentation of historical music
  • reach citizen participation by cooperation with cultural organizations, artists and other Berliners
The following tasks should be linked:
  • research, documentation, archiving
  • exhibitions, interactive sound museum
  • lectures, discussions, concerts

Berlin has no institution that deals specifically with the history of the local musical life. Some aspects of the Berlin music history were never sufficiently documented, and of the few material a lot was lost in the wars. Now threatens even the loss of many private collections, such as the family archive of an operator of the garden stages of the early 20th century, and the sound archive of an ethnomusicologist who has studied the developments of Turkish Music in Berlin for four decades. The proposed museum should find and save such material, analyze it and present it to the public. Especially it should illustrate the interactions between music and the spirit of the ages, music and politics that particularly in Berlin were often most noticeable.

To introduce our concerns to the public, we plan the exhibition “Berlin song from 1871 to 1933. From the backyard to the cabaret”. Therefore we need some support like help with fundraising, finding rooms etc.

Join us! Support us by doing voluntary work, supplying us with work space or donations.

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